Playing The Lottery As A Retirement Plan

Playing the lottery is now looked at as a retirement plan for many people. With the economy still trying to recover and the investment world attempting to get back on its feet, people in all walks of life are feeling the aches and pains of the financial flu. Many have lost their life savings from gambling in the stock exchange in hopes of making enough to retire on. There are countless people that are gambling with their savings sitting in a bank gaining all time low interest rates. With all the gambling going on with conventional ‘financial planning’ techniques, it is no surprise that many people are now turning to the lottery with an optimistic outlook that this may be the way to make enough to retire on and live out their golden years.

Much like a Certified Financial Planner would do with your ‘portfolio’ of investments, you must use a system or technique if you are going to use the Lottery as your ticket to economic freedom. An Accountant would not throw money at random investments in the hopes that one will pay high dividends, so you must also think that throwing your money at a random bunch of numbers to win would also be foolish. Take your time and do your research, there are plenty of Lottery Systems out there, so find one that proven to works for the lottery you wish to play and make sure you understand it and use it as it is designed to be used.

Play the System that you find the way it says to all some systems look similar, but are actually totally different in how it works and then hang in there, remember, investments usually don’t pay off overnight, a lottery system is no different. A system will assist you in gaining more wins, more often and who knows maybe you will be like a Wall Street Whiz and make your millions in just a few short weeks or months, wouldn’t that be nice! Maximize your return on investment by simply doing a little homework and finding the System that feels right to you, buy your tickets consistently, follow the System strategy and just stick with it and maybe we’ll see you on the cover of the local newspaper with the caption “Now retired and living life to the fullest”.


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Lotto Guy Lottery System Winning Strategy

The Lotto Guy Lottery System winning strategy, is now used by many lottery winners as it has been proven to give real winning success. When you play the lottery the main goal is to try to win, this is very hard to do as the odds to win are much against you. To increase your chances to win the lottery, you must stop playing the old fashion way and step up to using a winning lottery strategy as a lottery system designed to increase your winnings and one of the best proven winning systems is the Lotto Guy Lottery System.

So how do we know that the Lotto Guy Lottery System is a true winning system? First we see it is highly recommended by many users. Then we see that the system won a best winning lottery system poll in which it was voted as best winning lottery system over many other systems, this alone is solid proof of a real winning system. We will not accept testimonials for lottery systems any longer as many have been found to be false and that is very sad, but polls cannot be faked.

Most lottery systems are either a wheeling type system, or a past drawn numbers type system, the Lotto Guy Lottery System is neither, it is a pattern analysis type system which breaks down your numbers into better winning categories for truly increased win rates. While it is true that no lottery system can guarantee you winnings, some systems are just designed much better to increase your chances and that is the best you can do when taking a gamble playing the lottery.

Take a look at the official poll results, it shows you which lottery systems obtained more votes, which shows you more people are winning using those systems. The Lotto Guy Lottery System obtained the most votes, so it really is a no brainer to use that top winning system. You could go through every single lottery system and test them yourself if you wish, it would take you many months of testing which is time consuming and will get very expensive. This is why we are excited to give you our Lotto Guy Lottery System Review and show you the true facts, then you can make up your own decision and save yourself time and money. You know you are going to play the lottery no matter what, so you may as well play a little smarter!

The Lotto Guy Lottery System is now known for its superior winning potential, especially for pick 5 and pick 6 and most pick 7 lottery games the world over.

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Lottery Lucky Numbers

Can you really win the lottery with your lottery lucky numbers? Well, some people may say yes you can, but then when you ask them how often have you won and how much, you typically find out they rarely win at all. So why in the world would a person playing the lottery stick with playing their lottery lucky numbers draw after draw, if they rarely ever win? This is what was asked to many lottery players and the answer was basically the same, I think it is a good strategy to use, or I really do not know of any other better way to play the lottery.

So it seems that most people really have no idea how to play the lottery. They only know a few general ways to play the lottery such as, play your lucky lottery numbers, or Astrology numbers, or just pick numbers out of thin air. All of these general ways to play the lottery really do not help you increase your chances to win. If you are in this general category of lottery players, then you need to stop playing in that manner and start playing smarter, which is what the experts do.

The smart way to play the lottery is by using a sound well proven winning strategy, which will definitely increase your odds a decent percentage to win much more often. The fact is, real lottery winners who win often will use a lottery system of some type. This is the most beneficial strategy one can apply to actually start winning the lottery easier! If you do not do this yourself, you may as well not even play the lottery as your chances to win as extremely poor.

If you are smart and decide you are going to play the lottery no matter what, as a better winning method is only going to improve my winnings, then you must find a good real winning lottery system. There are many systems to choose from and to be very honest, most are not really worth using. You need to by-pass all the so so systems and use the top best rated winning systems, then you stick with it as there is no better.

To point you in the right direction finding a reputable winning system, go to a top lottery systems reviews site, it will show you real proof as to which systems real people voted on as best winning systems, then just use only those systems. If you did not know this information the only other way to find a good winning system would be to try all of them, which would cost you big and waste months if not years of your time. We do highly recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels system, they are truly good winning systems.

I hope I have helped a few of you out, as this information I give you is like solid gold to a lottery player who really wants to win the lottery and say good bye to using silly lottery lucky numbers that never seem to be very lucky at all.


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How To Win The Lottery Much Easier

Do you really want to win the lottery much easier? You play to win the lottery weekly and you know that the odds are poor you will win, yet you still play as the thought of winning is strong! Have you ever changed your playing strategy instead of just playing the same way as usual that never seems to work? Think about if you had a better game play or lotto winning strategy that did increase your odds to win more often, would you do it? The smart person would do it and never look back.
Most lottery players are very slow to catch on how to better your chances to win the lottery, they simply continue to use the same playing method draw after draw. Lottery experts state this over and over, that if a certain lotto strategy is not working good, a serious change in your playing strategy is necessary, which just makes sense and it is again the smart thing to do.
The strategy you need will depend on what lottery strategy is working good for others. This we find out by looking at the latest real poll votes on lottery systems. It shows use and you which lottery systems are the better ones to use. Some lottery systems do work much better than others, you just need to pick the system that you believe is the better winning system and then stick with it. See poll below, it will show you the top winning lottery systems.

Of course the recommend lottery system or systems to use would be one of the top three best winning systems as these did well for many others. We like do like best winning system, the Lotto Guy Lottery system it is a very good choice and does work very well indeed. The Smart Play Wheeling System is another very good system to use especially all you newbies playing the lottery, as it is a very easy system to use and yet still very effective. Here is where to find these two top winning lottery systems if interested:
The Lotto Guy System
The Smart Play Wheeling System
You are the person who needs to decide which strategy to use as any strategy is better than no strategy when it comes to winning the lottery. Make sure you stick with it and be patient as you will not win over night and most likely win off and on in spurts using a system. Also remember, lottery systems are just tools that have been designed to help improve your chances to win the lottery much easier, but they are not magic or perfect and will most certainly not guarantee you will win. The fact is, we all need to use a better lottery winning strategy when it comes to playing the lottery, or even general gambling. If you do not switch over to a smarter playing strategy as in using a lottery system, you will seriously be out of luck when it comes to winning the lottery!


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